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Welcome! This resource was created to help campus staff look at new opportunities to repurpose roles and support students in a different way. If campuses have to transition to online unexpectedly, this resource acts as an introductory roadmap to help existing staff (such as resident hall, student activities, athletics, etc.) take up roles to further support students. We look forward to assisting you on your new online coaching journey!

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What is Coaching?

A student coach is someone who is dedicated to helping students navigate their higher education experience by developing personal relationships with students and helping them to stay on track throughout their academic program. A coach is there to provide guidance and encouragement, share relevant resources, and give helpful advice on how to overcome obstacles that students may face during their online educational journey. Coaches also help students build skills in problem solving, study strategies, time management, personal accountability, and self-efficacy.

A student coach must be proactive and reactive, thoughtful, encouraging, and resourceful. Because no two students are alike, a coach must proactively anticipate each student’s needs and offer a specific support plan. This individualized approach can make a significant impact on student success, retention, and degree completion.

There are four main pillars to student coaching:

  1. Academic Content Support
  2. Student Success Strategies
  3. Systems and Process Support
  4. Campus Resource Referrals

Each of the four pillars will be discussed in more detail below. Download the worksheet to complete as you work through the pillars. When complete, you will have a very useful reference sheet to make the day-to-day work of supporting students easier!

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Pillars to Student Coaching


Academic Content Support

At some point in a student’s online experience, they will need extra help in their studies. This resource serves as a guide on how to proactively prepare for this type of conversation.


Student Success Strategies

Students will need tips and tools to help themselves be successful in their studies. It is especially common for students who are transitioning to an online learning environment to need extra help in building up skills they have not used or needed before. This resource will help you prepare for such a call.


Systems and Process Support

Online students will need help navigating and learning the systems and processes within your campus institution. This resource will give you examples of many online students’ frequently asked questions on system navigation and policies.


Campus Resource Referrals

An important aspect to student coaching is knowing what campus resources are available to students virtually. Oftentimes, students don’t know what resources they need until they are struggling, and it can be difficult for online students to find what they need. This resource will help you prepare for this type of conversation.