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The Journey to Online – Leveling Up

Whether you have recently started to teach online or if you have been doing it for years, one thing is true—it’s a journey! Because this journey can be challenging, we have created the following three courses to help you navigate your way to success. Throughout them, we emphasize evidence-based best practices, and we took care to get faculty feedback on the course design and presentation to make sure they are easy to use and contain helpful information. We recommend that you take the courses in order, but if you have experience with online teaching, you can blaze your own trail.

Before embarking on this journey, download the Planning Guide. This practical resource pulls together key activities that are designed to help you reflect on what you want from your course, then get it up and running, or “leveled up” if you already have one made. Also, the Announcement area on this site will highlight course updates, so sign up to be alerted of any changes. Finally, your campus’ staff are eager to assist you, so do make sure to take advantage of your local resources.

Download Planning Guide

A Pathway to a Successful Online Course



The planning course prepares you to create high-quality, online courses. You will learn how to best outline and structure your online course, how to write measurable learning objectives, how to develop an assessment plan that aligns with the course objectives, and finally, how to identify quality learning resources for students.



Developing a high-quality online course requires attention to activity and assessment design, content delivery techniques, and the student experience. This course takes an in-depth look at alignment, engagement, and scaffolding as important components of high-quality online courses. It does this by considering how courses and lessons are organized, the connections between objectives and assessments, the different types of assignments and activities, and how learning materials are presented.



Compared to teaching face-to-face, teaching an online course requires a different set of skills. This course provides tips and strategies to help you develop and enhance those skills. The first module addresses the course community and your role in establishing and maintaining it. The second module covers strategies for giving effective feedback. The third and final module provides practical advice on how you can manage and moderate online discussions.


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